About Me

1978463_6711533Hi thanks for visiting my Blog, My name is Daniel Blundell, I’m a follower of jesus, 20 years old and one of eight children with no clue what the future holds and I will share with you my journey and try and inspire you through Paragraphs, Pictures and Poetry, as I try and figure out how to be successful.

Why the name “Daniel and the Lions’ Den”?  well obviously one part of the reason is my name is Daniel, also Daniel and the Lions’ Den is the name of a passage in the bible where Daniel is thrown into a pit with lions for praying, he then prays for God to save him and then he escapes without getting eaten.

“Be who you are, not what they are” – Daniel Blundell

Thanks Again.





One thought on “About Me

  1. Boza- No worries Photograph has been taken down, it is one brilliant picture. sorry for using it i’m very inexperienced and un-knowledgeable about copyrighted subjects, Thank you for taking the time to send me a message


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