Love One Another by Daniel Blundell

God gave us free will to do as we choose,

But what do we do?

We rape.

We abuse.

Everybody seems to have Discriminational views All I see is terrorism on the news.

look at our youths,

Taking drugs, drinking booze,

They want to Live fast, die young,

Slipping poison past their tongue,

Life is hell, they are trying to run,

Depression is at an all time high,

It’s only going to rise and rise,

And you ask why?

Look at all the problems around this world,

The streets are not safe for our boys and girls,

You think with a lot of money you’ll be fine,

That’s just a selfish kind of mind,

Sign after sign,

Crime after crime,

Time after time,

we see terrible things happen but we don’t make a change,

This is when I feel the most pain,

We fight darkness with darkness,

Fire with fire,

Hate with hate,

Only light can drive out darkness,

Only water can put out fire,

Only Love can destroy hate,

Love is the answer,

we need to educate,

We need to meditate

We need to Think straight

Love one another as God has loved you,

Love one another no matter what their view.


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