The World Needs Change. (Myself) By Daniel Blundell

The world needs change,  we start with ourselves,

don’t fall into the trap of being like someone else.

Education is trying to mold us.

Media is trying to control us.

Your friends are poisoned by these things,

and you’re just following.


You are your own person.

You are the original version.

Society is just corrupt,

The earth is going to erupt,

Unless we make a change about this situation,

Preach about individuality and love to every nation.


Everyone has got a distorted message,

trying to have sex instead of waiting for a blessing.

Trying to be a different person and look like someone else,

instead of embracing who they are and showing the hand they’re dealt.

Don’t get trapped by dogma, that’s living someone else’s life,

because when it comes to the end, you’ll want to change and live it twice.



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