How To Use Time Wisely

I find it so hard to use my time wisely, this was my daily routine;

  • Get up whenever I could be bothered, which was about mid-day because I work at 3.
  • Once I got up I’d have a long shower.
  • Then I’d have breakfast and put on the TV.
  • Before you know it, it was time for work.

So I pretty much just wasted my whole morning, every morning! The other day it struck me I’m not developing as a person, I’m not helping anyone, I’m just going day after day with nothing achieved. So I decided to make a change, I started making lists on my phone, just like my girlfriend does, it helped a bit but I was still far too lazy to do the things I had planned, I always felt raring to go at night but when the morning came, I just couldn’t be bothered. I then wrote my plan, step by step of what I was going to do that day, on piece of paper, this helped a lot more, the power of lists became incredible. The biggest was when I got rid of the TV in my room, you’ll never believe how much time you have when you stop watching TV!

So I’ve set daily goals now for a while but I was often not doing it because I’d just put lists on my phone some days and a scrappy bit of paper other days, so today I have gone out and bought an A6 Diary that has a page a day which I can set my daily, monthly and yearly goals in, also an A4 notebook to write ideas down for stories, poems, business ideas and just anything my brain can come up with, also got a tiny jotter that fits in my pocket, so if I come up with any ideas on the move, I can quickly jot them down.

So here is my steps, for using time wisely;

  • Write down your good habits and bad habits.
  • Figure out how to do more good habits and also try and think of a way of turning your bad habits into a good habits.
  • Buy a notepad to plan your days and keep you focused.
  • Create checklists/Bulletpoints.
  • Start a blog, give your thoughts about anything.
  • Always try and develop yourself.

There you go so the most important thing is to try and improve yourself everyday, learn new things for example instruments, languages and new hobbies, get out there and don’t waste time watching loads of TV, playing loads of video games spending hours on social media (unless you can find a way to do these things to help other people and maybe start a career) and most importantly don’t waste your time trying to be like someone else, you’re made with your own passions use them to their full potential.

“Live! Don’t just exist, use your time wisely, every second is precious for becoming a better you.” – Daniel Blundell


5 thoughts on “How To Use Time Wisely

  1. Good for you, Daniel! So many of us spend our lives moaning about how little time we have… yet it is within our grasp to make so much of every minute. Good luck with your resolve to make a difference!


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