How To Know How Tough You Really Are, My Experiences At Tough Mudder

Earlier this year I took part in an event called Tough Mudder in Scotland with my Dad Mark, brother Ben and Ben’s friend Stuart. it was an 11 miles long obstacle course, I know sounds daunting doesn’t it? especially with the thought of getting my mid-40s overweight Dad round the course (sorry dad) it seemed like it was going to be some challenge but we were all up for a challenge.

We started Tough Mudder at around 9 o’clock and the weather was just right not too hot nor too cold, first you warm up in the warm up zone and there is a DJ to hype you up for the event. we were hyped now it was time to go to the starting line, there was a small wall before the starting line that you had to climb over before you even began and already my dad was struggling to climb over it, a man at the starting line gave us some instructions then we were on our way, the running side of the race was easy for me apart from the times when I had to slow down for my dad, it was hard to keep a steady pace because he kept dragging behind and it hurt to go any slower.  we faced a lot of obstacles where you really had to work in teams, you couldn’t get over by yourself but every single person doing the run was always looking to help. we got so dirty from walking, crawling and sliding through the mud. Half way through on an obstacle where you had to climb up one side and slide down on the other, I started to get really bad cramp in my calf on left leg it was so painful! (I’ve never been shot but I’m sure it was close to that pain ha ha) my calf then started to create a dent in my leg, I Didn’t feel like carrying on because it hurt so much, But I obviously didn’t want to give up so I kept running with everyone but after each obstacle I hurt so much and by the time I felt a bit better we’d come to another obstacle, it was tough but I was tougher. The obstacles got harder but now I knew I could get past anything. we all finished and were so happy and was met by my girlfriend Connie at the I end it was the greatest feeling I had felt in years.

So now let me tell you what its taught me about my life, well at the start, things always seem scary for example the thought of starting a business, it seems like such a big thing but Tough Mudder has taught me that I can go at my own pace, that there will always be people around to help me and that I can take it one stage at a time, yes there will be so many obstacles but as soon as they appear I know I will gain confidence, knowledge and strength, so I’ll have nothing to worry about.  EVEN IF IT GETS REALLY TOUGH, I KNOW THAT NO MATTER WHAT, I WILL ALWAYS BE TOUGHER!!


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