The Worrying Future By Daniel Blundell

Worried what to do with this life I see no future,
Just past, Just present,
At the moment I’m living so dependent,
on my mum and dad,
For they would die
for the opportunities that I have,
I don’t know what to do,
but I know I want to make them proud,
I want to be someone everyone remembers
when I’m under the ground,
I don’t want to be the average person,
being a teacher or working in a shop,
My dream of being an actor on the list it’s top,
But can I really make it,
or am I just wasting money,
that’s a big deal right now,
it’s always a constant worry,
I’ve grown up in a big family
that are all scraping by,
I don’t want to live like that,
I want to live my life,

With all these worries
that are going on in my Mind…
just thinking about them… I’m wasting time,
and if time is money, I’m in debt to myself,
and if I was a product,
I’m the one going out of date on the shelf,
getting worse and worse as the clocks tick on,
Getting cheaper and cheaper until I’m gone,
No ones going to remember me if I live like this,
It’s time to be a man right now,
I keep telling myself that,
It helps me for a second then I’m trapped,
Again and again, the constant strain on my brain,
just worrying about the future is driving me insane,
Is it worth it to go for it?
Or to go for it is it worth it?



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